4 common reasons, and tips for dealing with them

“Every time I judge someone else, I reveal an unhealed part of myself.” — Joy Marino

I am all for taking advice from those around you, considering their opinions, points of view, and arguments. Especially when it comes to anything where people have a legitimate concern for your safety, then you should listen.

But for big life choices — what career you want, pursuing higher education, moving cities, who you date, getting married, having kids, traveling the world — those are for you to decide. I’m not suggesting you go through life ignoring those who care about you, far from…

Expectations went right out the window

My first day working on the set of a TV show was certainly an experience.

I arrived at ‘circus’ — the area where all of the trailers and catering sits — and I met with my ALM, the guy in charge of me. He asked if I had ever worked on set before; I had never worked on a legit set, but he didn’t seem to care. …

When attempt after attempt seems to get you nowhere.

This began as a question for myself, one I seemed to be asking more often than I wanted. I had once again mapped out a six-week plan in which I would attempt to improve pretty much all areas of my life. You might point out right away that focusing on one area at a time is a better approach. Trust me, I know. I’ve tried many angles, but none get me quite as enthused as framing out an all-or-nothing game plan. So I did this, and once again, I realized it is way more fun to fantasize about the goals…

A letter to myself, and anyone else who needs to hear it

The world is full of miserable people who have given up on themselves. Don’t be one of them. If you are still breathing then there is still time to be the person you were meant to be. I know it’s hard to try again and again and never see the fruits of your labor. I know you doubt yourself and what you’re truly capable of, but there is greatness in you, that I know. Your happiness and fulfillment are worth the effort.

All the years of sleepless nights…

For cucumbers, beans, peas, and more

You can make a trellis out of so many things. Wood, string, metal poles, wire, old closet inserts, cattle panel, bamboo steaks, the divider out of a dog crate. So, many, things. Or you can just buy one, but usually people want something custom to fit their garden. That’s where a DIY trellis comes in.

I made a custom trellis out of old wood I found in the back of my yard, some metal wire, a few screws, some more scrap wood, and some twine.

It’s not that pretty, but it does the trick…

The why, the how, and the hardening off

I love to watch plants grow. It can make a dreary March and April feel full of life and give you something fun to wake up to. I live in Canada, and although I’m in one of the southernmost growing zones, it still feels like summer just flies by. So when Spring comes along and it’s still too early to plant outdoors, getting your seeds started indoors can quell some of that antsiness.

I’ve only had my house now for less than a year, so before my own home garden, all I…

Easing symptoms can create a positive ripple effect across many areas of your life.

Anxiety was meant to be a useful mechanism. It was meant to tell us that we shouldn’t do something or to warn us of danger. Unfortunately, the world we live in today is full of triggers for our primal brains and it can be hard to shut off the elicited reactions. Although we shouldn’t aim to remove all anxiety, easing useless symptoms that come from an overactive response can help us to lead a more relaxed life.

It was hard for me to fully understand what anxiety was when I first started experiencing it in high school. Of course, I…

How much do you really know about your dreams?

Have you ever properly dug down to figure out if you’re on the right path? Not just daydreaming or envisioning a future where you sip coffee and work on your tenth bestseller, but really getting into the reasoning behind your aspirations. You may think you know what you want, or that you’ve answered all of the relevant questions, but people are often caught off guard by what they don’t know about their own dreams.

If you want to be a part of the small percentage of people who achieve what they set out to, then you must understand what’s going…

Insights after two caffeine resets and how to avoid the mistakes I made.

I love love love coffee. All kinds of ways, any time of the day. So it took me a while to admit that it was a contributing factor to my interrupted sleep and high levels of anxiety. Ever since I started drinking coffee on a daily basis I couldn’t stop. I didn’t mind this desperate dependence for a while, I wanted to drink coffee every day so I figured where’s the harm.

Then I reached a point last year where I was drinking numerous cups of coffee a day and still feeling overly-tired, plus I was anxious and had trouble…

It turns out a courtesy breakup wasn’t something he had in mind.

I had a much different view on relationships five years ago. I had watched many people I knew completely sideswipe their goals to make another person happy. And frankly, I wanted no part in it. I had big dreams, goals, and just plain adventures to go after. I didn’t have time to ask anyone for permission.

So when I returned home from living in Vancouver for the past year I was completely caught off guard by the relationship I ended up in. He was a friend. We hung out in the same group but for the previous few years, he…

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